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Coaches, please fill in all the information asked as best you can. All Stars teams are automatically signed up for our 2 home tournaments (Dust the Rust and Seymour Slam). For other travel tournaments go to and search for all upcoming tournaments.
The Stars committee has decided to give teams a tournament budget this year as follows:
8U $1500
9U - 14U $2500
As you sign up for tournaments please check the price. Paul and Shasta will let you know balances as we sign you up for the tournaments. Paul will send email confirmation to each head coach for each tournament confirmed. You do not have to use your full balance right away. We will track your tournament balance. Remember all Stars teams will automatically be entered into the 2 home tournaments. *Teams must participate in a minimum of 5 total tournaments, which include our 2 home tournaments.

All tournament information due by December 1st if possible.
2024 Stars Team Tournament Selection

Thanks Coach!

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